I have always found that my kids love learning their name. Even before they can write it, they want to know how to “spell my name!”

Kids can do this simple activity over and over again so that they can recognize their name and the letters in their name.

Quick set up for a Spell My Name activity for preschoolers

Prepare for Spell My Name Activity:

  1. Write your child’s name as big as you can across a sheet of paper. Use correct capitalization and lowercase letters.
  2. Write the letters in their name on smaller pieces of paper.
  3. Set those out with a bottle of school glue.
Spell my name on a piece of paper, over and over again

My preschooler used the letter cutouts to spell his name. He glued each letter below his name that I wrote on the page. He spelled his name several times down the sheet of the paper.

Spell my name over and over again, without writing.

When he’d pick up a letter, I’d often ask what letter it is if he didn’t tell me.

Don’t worry if your preschooler doesn’t glue the letters in order of their name (for instance, gluing down the ‘r’ in George before ‘G’ is no big deal).  For younger kids, focus on helping them recognizing their name and the letters that it takes to spell their name. Correct spelling will come when they see it all together.

We’ve also done this with letter stickers too that works great!

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