PBS Parents Spring Sneakers and Shoe Sorting Activity

Springtime means many things —the triumphant return of chirping birds, the crack of wooden baseball bats, and budding flowers adding much needed color to our world, chiefly among them.

As many parents already know, spring also means a parade of shoes by every door: sneakers for school and dad’s morning trips to the gym, boots for the last remnants of winter’s storms, sandals and flip-flops for those unexpected daggers of summertime heat, and of course, fancy costume shoes that are never put back in the dress-up box…no matter what the season!

So, in the spirit of making lemonade when life hands you a bundle of lemons, let’s put all that footwear to a good educational use with this Spring Sneakers and Shoes Sorting Activity.

PBS Parents Spring Sneakers and Shoe Sorting

What You’ll Need

  • shoes, sandals, boots & sneakers!

How To Play

Since we’ve established that there are far too many shoes out in springtime, have your young child/children organize them in size order, starting with smallest to largest. Then, see if they are able to arrange them in alphabetical order by color. For example, black high heels before green boat shoes before red sneakers before tan sandals. Next, how about Roy G. Biv rainbow order?

Feel free to mix in some doll shoes too, for contrast and humor!

PBS Parents Spring Sneakers and Shoe Sorting Activity

These simple sneakers and shoes sorting activities travel well too, proving great fun while away on spring break road trips, in hotel after hotel. Also, it’s a sneaky way to get your kids to clean up and get organized!

PBS Parents Spring Sneakers and Shoe Sorting Activity

Bonus Time

This sensory portion of the activity adds even more fun because a blindfold is involved!

PBS Parents Spring Sneakers and Shoe Sorting Activity

Dump all the family sneakers and shoes into a pile in the middle of the floor, then blindfold your children, one by one, pinata-style, and ask them to rummage through the mountain of footwear to find matching pairs using only their hands —feeling around for sizes, soft/hard, laces/Velcro, bejeweled embellishments, Heelys, and so on. Go round by round, taking turns, until all the shoes are paired up. The child with the most pairs found wins. Conversely, the child who lost gets to put all the shoes away neatly!

PBS Parents Spring Sneakers and Shoe Sorting Activity

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