Where do I live? Earth Day Game

Looking for a fun Earth Day game? We have you covered with this super simple game that has lots of room for expanding. For this Adventure in Learning, let’s play an eco-themed game of Where Do I Live?

You’ll Need

    • Toy Animals or pictures of animals
    • Paper
    • Pencil/Pen/Marker
    • Animal facts
    use toys to teach kids where animals live around the world

    The Set Up

    The set up for this activity is super simple. First you’ll need to round up a bunch of stuffed or toy animals from around the house. If your kids aren’t into stuffed animals, you can always print out animal pictures from the internet.

    Next, take your paper. On one side, write a continent/region where the animals you rounded up are found. On the reverse, write a fact about the animal or their natural habitat.

    Place the “continent/regions” around the house.

    Then hand the kids a basket or bag of stuffed animals to place the animals where they belong.

    use kids' stuffed animals to help them learn about animals

    Extra Credit

    Have the kids do a bit of research to discover what environmental challenge each area faces. For instance, Habitat Loss is one of the biggest threats to animals.

    Head out for a hike or a walk around your neighborhood and see what animals live in your area. Talk about how our actions impact the environment.

    Where Do I Live? Earth Day Games

    Encourage kids to think of ways they can help keep habitats healthy. It can be as simple as making sure they reduce, reuse and recycle, or it can be as grand as volunteering to clean up a trail or park, or planting a garden with indigenous plant species.

    And if you want to go full geek out, spin this into a role playing activity where kids pretend they’re Wildlife Biologists—true Earth Day Heroes!

    According to the USDA, “Wildlife biologists do research that helps us better manage our natural resources. They may specialize in fields such as physiology, genetics, ecology, behavior, disease, nutrition, population dynamics, land use, and pollution.”

    For serious Aww! and Awesome! factor, check out this video featuring Jane Goodall and the release of a rehabilitated chimpanzee back into the wild.

    Other notable Wildlife Biologists for role playing:
    Charles Darwin
    Eugenie Clark
    Fakhar Abbas
    Jeramie Strickland

    Happy Earth Day!

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