how to make a step book to help your kids visualize where they live

When my kids were little, they had a hard time understanding the difference between city, state, and country. It’s understandable; scale can be a hard concept to grasp. That’s where step books come in. They can be super useful in giving kids a visual way to organize it all. Plus, they’re easy to make.

You’ll Need

    • 4 sheets of paper
    • Stapler
    • Pencil, marker, crayons, etc

    The Set Up

    how to make a step book

    Lay three sheets of paper on top of one another. Spread them apart so there is about an inch and a half of each sheet showing beneath the other one. This is how you form the steps.

    how to make a step book

    Fold the papers over so you now have six steps.

    how to make a step book

    Use the fourth sheet of paper as a cover. Lay it on top of the folded pieces. Staple the top to hold papers in place.

    these step books help kids visualize where they live

    Starting at the top step and working your way down write: street, neighborhood, city (or town), state, country, continent.

    Have the kids write their responses and paste a picture or drawing that represents each location. Point out how the pages get larger the further they move down the steps that represents the scale of each category’s size.

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