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Inspired by a friend and his super creative 5 1/2-year-old daughter Emme (who, in turn, first drew inspiration from the fantastic series of Putumayo Kids world music CDs,) this Tourism Board Geography Project takes you and your kiddo on a globetrotting adventure without suffering through a single security line or customs inspection.

What You’ll Need

  • A globe (optional)
  • Internet access or a nearby public library
  • Poster board or paper
  • Crayons, markers, and/or pencils
PBS Parents Adventures in Learning_Country Tourism Project_

Getting Started

Ask your child to choose a country they’d like to learn more about — maybe one they’ve been dreaming of visiting (that would be Chile for me) or a spot from your family’s heritage (Ireland, in my wife’s case). Or, better yet, make the country selection process totally random by spinning a globe (if you have one) and stopping it with a finger.

Whichever country your child lands on (or are closest to, in the event they find themselves adrift at sea,) is the country they’ll research to find out things like: the colors of and emblems on the flag, what the national tree, bird, cuisine, and sport is, and the topography of the land. Are there any famous buildings or monuments in that country? If so, is there a story or rich history behind them?

Then, you and your child will create a one-of-a-kind tourism brochure to entice travelers to visit your adoptive land!

PBS Parents Adventures in Learning_Country Tourism Project_Egypt on the Globe

Your Very Own Tourism Board Brochure

We didn’t have any blank posters, so my oldest daughter created an Egyptian tourism brochure, much like one you might find in a hotel lobby, alongside colorful pamphlets for the nearest outlet mall, amusement park, and glass blowing factory. She used a book we happened to have along with my phone’s Google voice search to discover a few of Egypt’s national symbols: its flag, a sphinx, and a soccer ball.

A few liberties were taken — most notably with coconuts dangling from a palm tree — but everything else she included to entice tourism into her county is accurate. We can only hope no visitors complain about the lack of native coconut milk.

PBS Parents Adventures in Learning_Country Tourism Project_Egypt on the Globe

Not only will your kiddo learn about a new country, but they will hone their powers of persuasion in the process, so when they land that sweet marketing job in a couple of decades, you can thank this Tourism Board Geography Project!

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