Camp PBS Parents Everyday Moments Summer Project

Summertime tends to be filled with big memories—the amusement park, Fourth of July fireworks, a family reunion picnic. Each and every day, however, is a collection of small moments that can, individually, tip the scales and make a plain day great…or the opposite. These small moments matter a lot, because standing in front of a grand piece of architecture as a child can inspire a life of art and design, eating an adventurous meal as a teen might open up doors to a culinary career, and getting stuck in wicked traffic as a young adult could very well lead to an idea of brilliance that solves gridlock once and for all (fingers-crossed!).

In short, the opportunities to learn and to grow are all around us. This is true whether you’re four, 84 or anywhere in between. The Everyday Moments of Summer Project is all about recording some of those tiny events and displaying them throughout the warm season so that they don’t slip away!

What You’ll Need

  • index cards
  • pencil, crayons or markers
  • clothespins
  • string or yarn

How to Set It Up

We used plain index cards to begin our Everyday Moments of Summer Project, but feel free to get creative or crafty and decorate paper squares or index cards in a more fanciful way. Prepare about 60 or so (this is why plain index cards might be the way to go!) and keep them in plain sight so your kiddo can access them daily. Decide where to display the project and hang up the string or yarn in that place. Because this is a living project, you want your child to be able to easily add to it every day and you also want the whole family to be able to see it and experience it all summer long.

Camp PBS Parents Everyday Moments Summer Project

How To Tell A Story of Summer In Everyday Moments

Encourage your children to recognize, reflect upon, and chart their own tiny moments of bliss and frustration alike (because the core memories of a child are not only the joyous ones!) to tell their personal story of summer in a series of everyday moments.

At the end of each summer day, have your child write¬†about and/or draw one thing that happened that day. It can be a single word or a few sentences about a feeling, a sight, smell, taste, or experience they remember. Write the date on the card too and then take that finished card over to the string and clothespin it. Do this at the end of each day (or the following morning, whichever suits your family’s routine the best) and by the end of summer, your child will have their very own story told, literally, in a string of tiny everyday moments.

Camp PBS Parents Everyday Moments Summer Project

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