tangram sandwiches

You’re probably familiar with tangram puzzles. They’re the puzzles that test one’s logic and spatial reasoning, making them a fantastic math exercise. And they’re super fun.

Here’s a quick way to turn lunch time into math play with tangrams. Now let’s eat some geometry!

You’ll Need

    • 2 pieces of bread
    • jam
    • rolling pin
    • knife
    • ruler (optional if you’re really good at estimating)


how to make tangram sandwiches
        1. Roll out your pieces of bread using a rolling pin. You’ll want them nice and flat.
        2. Stack the bread.
        3. Cut the crusts so you have a 4 by 4 inch square.
        4. Spread your jam on one slice. Lay the other on top.
        5. Use the knife to cut the bread as pictured above.

Now challenge the kids to create pictures using the shapes from their tangram sandwich before they eat them.

tangram sandwich characters

Bonus Points

Have the kids identify the following polygon shapes while they’re playing:

      • triangle
      • square
      • parallelogram

P.S. Check out Eat Your Math Homework by Ann McCallum for more delicious math learning. I grabbed a copy at our local library. It’s really fantastic and perfect for math loving kids and those still learning to love math.

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