Simple Geography Game For Kids

Have you traveled the world with your children? Most of us haven’t. I am presently across the country from our home with my kids but I am still a few years off of braving a transatlantic flight and jet lag with my little travelers. But I do love exploring the world through books and maps with them. This simple geography game can be used with a state or country map. We prefer to go global!

What You Will Need

  • a globe or detailed map
  • a clip board with paper and a marker or two
around the world from a to z

How to Set It Up

  • Write the alphabet on the paper.

How to Play

around the world from a to z

About Allison McDonald

Allison McDonald

Allison McDonald is a former preschool teacher and director who started her popular early education blog No Time For Flash Cards as a way to keep one foot in her professional life while knee deep in motherhood. Learning should be fun and it's Allison's goal to help all parents be able to add a little fun and learning to their child's day. Allison lives in a yellow farmhouse outside of Seattle with her two kids and husband.

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