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When all else fails, use sidewalk chalk and water! These two are both winners for kids activities and combining them makes for a super-fantastic activity to do.

Adding a little learning to it will won’t even be noticed by the kids, I promise!

This time it was learning to recognize my toddler’s name.

But, really, it was more for teaching fine motor skills and introducing the concept of tracing, too.

How to set up this name tracing activity:

  1. Write your child’s name on the pavement.
  2. Fill a small tub with water.
  3. Set out water with a ‘real’ house paintbrush.
  4. Watch it disappear!
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I wrote my toddler’s name on our patio and set out the supplies.

After a minor meltdown (because I didn’t write his name in the right spot), he traced and erased his name over and over again.

Of course, he didn’t always perfectly trace the letters. Sometimes he’d just paint over it in whatever direction he pleased. But for the majority of the time, he actually attempted to trace along the lines.

I’d give a shout out here and there letting him know what letter he was on, as well as repeatedly telling him he’s erasing his name!

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We later went on to make this a shape learning activity as well.

Which makes me wonder…

What other kind of learning could you “Trace to Erase”?

  • Find and erase the sight word.
  • Trace numbers or letters.
  • Connect numbers like a dot to dot before the water dries!
  • Match math equations with their answer (erase them together).
  • Write spelling word, trace to erase.

More Adventures in Learning Names & Writing:

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