pbs parents math printableMath does NOT have to be all about memorizing facts with flash cards. It can be FUN and active. This simple math printable can be used in three fun ways for your Halloween party this weekend!


What You Will Need

pbs pumpkin math printables 3 ways

  • This printable —> download it here
  • Depending on the activity you choose below you may also want to have scissors, glue, and/or cardstock on hand.



You know how to play this game. Not only is it fun, but math facts like these really do need to be practiced to make more complicated math easier later on. Games like memory are a great low-pressure way to do just that.

  • Cut the pumpkins out.
  • Cut cardstock squares a little bigger than the pumpkins.
  • Glue the pumpkins on the cardstock.
  • Shuffle.
  • Place the cards face down.
  • Take turns flipping two cards over. When you get match (2  & 5 – 3 for example) keep the cards. The winner is the person at the end of the game with the most cards.


Number Line Pumpkin Hunt

  • Print out the printable.
  • Cut out each pumpkin.
  • Line up the numbered pumpkins from 1-8
  • Hide the pumpkins with the equations around our house, or laminate and hide them outside.
  • Search for them. When you find one, match it up with the correct answer.



Old School Worksheet


This is my least favorite, but it’s a great choice for times when you have little room for play—for instance, when you’re on an airplane, road trip, or sitting in church.

  • Print out
  • Grab a pencil
  • Match up the numbers and equations by drawing a line connecting them.

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