Pumpkin sorting by size - shortest to tallest

It is October and the middle of pumpkin season. A few weeks ago, we scored a whole bunch of pumpkins in various sizes at a farmer’s market. While pumpkins make gorgeous decorations, they’re also great tools for learning!

We did a little pumpkin sorting to line up the pumpkins by size.

What you need to do pumpkin sorting:

  • Pumpkins of various sizes

Tips for pumpkin sorting:

I honestly thought this pumpkin activity was going to flop, that it would be too simple for my preschooler and even my toddler, but they were enthralled!

I didn’t make this about size in general, because size can be interpreted very differently. Instead, I was more specific when I asked my kids to line up the pumpkins. I asked them to line the pumpkins from shortest to tallest (not smallest to biggest).

We gathered most of the pumpkins I had. I left out a couple odd ball pumpkins though, like a really tall skinny one. I didn’t want there to be confusion if I accidentally said biggest instead of tallest.

Start pumpkin sorting - find the shortest pumpkins

The kids began with the shortest pumpkins.

They didn’t go out of their way to find all the short pumpkins right off the bat, they added them in later.

Is this pumpkin shorter or taller than the pumpkin in line? Pumpkin sorting.

My preschooler checked the size of each pumpkin against the others to see where it belonged in the line.

Is this pumpkin taller or shorter than the one in line? 

If he had a question and wasn’t sure where it belonged, he lined them up side by side and laid down on the ground to look at them from eye level.

Getting down at pumpkin level to sort better

Sometimes he found he made a mistake and had to switch the line around.

It took a lot of finesse to get the line of pumpkins sorted just right from shortest to tallest, but they eventually got there.

Sorting the pumpkins just right from shortest to tallest

After we were done, I had my toddler count the line of pumpkins. With my preschooler’s help, he successfully counted that we had sorted 12 pumpkins in our line.

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