painting to music calming holiday art

The holiday season is busy no matter what you do or do not celebrate. Social engagements, school functions, and extra time shopping takes a toll. We all get wound up and kids are no exception. Use art to take a break and get calm between the sugar rushes and other holiday excitement.


What You Will Need

  • Paint of your choice — we love watercolors
  • Paper
  • Paint brushes
  • Music, classical is my choice, but I like to throw in some electronic dance music just to shake things up a bit

Let Them Paint

painting to music

Turn on the music and encourage your child to paint to the music, if it’s slow and soft, paint how that sounds and if it’s loud and fast, paint that way… there is no wrong way to do this, and no two children attack it exactly the same way. Enjoy the break from the hectic holiday pace and relax with art!

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Allison McDonald

Allison McDonald is a former preschool teacher and director who started her popular early education blog No Time For Flash Cards as a way to keep one foot in her professional life while knee deep in motherhood. Learning should be fun and it's Allison's goal to help all parents be able to add a little fun and learning to their child's day. Allison lives in a yellow farmhouse outside of Seattle with her two kids and husband.

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