Spell-the-word string maze - a fun way for kids to practice their spelling words

My kids love a good string maze. Whether its around the house to follow, or more like an obstacle course to walk through. I created this string maze with a double duty of practicing spelling words for my second grader.

This spelling string maze does take a little bit of prep work (this is about the most I can ever manage…)

How to Make a String Maze to Practice Spelling Words

Practice spelling words in a string maze
  1. Create a hallway with your dining room chairs.
  2. Starting at one end of the “hallway”, weave string (or yarn) back and forth through the chairs. Tie off the string at the end and the beginning.
  3. Repeat the string weaving for 4 or 5 different lengths of string. Each string will hold its own spelling word.
  4. Write a spelling word on a piece a paper. Cut apart the letters. Repeat for as many strings that you wove through the chairs.
  5. Paper clip each letter onto one of the lengths of string, all the way through from the beginning to the end.
  6. At the end of that string, paper clip a piece of paper that says: “What word did you spell? ______________”.
  7. Repeat steps 5 through 7 for each spelling word and string.
Find what word you spell in a string maze

How to practice spelling words in a string maze:

This is the fun part! Have your child start at the beginning of one the string of their choice. Then have them follow the string to find all the letters of that word.

Practice spelling words in a string maze

For this string maze, I kept all the string at the same level. It was low enough to the ground that he would have to belly crawl under it.

You could also weave it up and down to make it more of an obstacle course to walk through, over and under. Or keep the string low to the ground and have them walk above the strings (this always reminds me of football players running through the tires).

Practice spelling words in a string maze

At the end of the string, they’ll come to the paper that asks them, “What word did you spell? _________”

Use the words they found on their string to see what word they made! If they kept them in order, this part should be easy, but sometimes they need to unscramble the word.

Have them write their word on the piece of paper. This adds a little writing practice. I don’t think there’s anything better to practice spelling words than writing them. But that can get boring!

Unscramble the spelling word

Now go back and do it all over again with the next string! Keep going until they’ve found and spelled all the words.

You could even set it up again with another set of words once they’ve finished. I used it to focus on the few words that he needed a little extra practice with for the week’s spelling test.

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