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‘Tis the season for wrapping gifts and putting them under the tree, leaving you with heaps of little bits of unused wrapping paper. The pieces may not be big enough to wrap even the tiniest present, but they are the perfect size for a little learning fun!

I was reminded of a wrapping paper matching activity we did when I put together our new holiday activity plans and decided we needed to have some fun with it again!

This time, we’d make snowmen! I have a little thing for snowmen, so this was perfect. This activity works on matching and sorting by size.

How to use Wrapping Paper Scraps to Make Snowmen:

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  1. Collect as many different kinds of wrapping paper scraps that you can. Four to five is perfect for older toddlers.
  2. Cut a large, medium and small circle from each kind of wrapping paper. If you only have a small piece, cut them smaller.
  3. Lay out a large piece of paper (we used a piece of butcher paper, but cardstock would work well too) and mix up all the circles.
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With the circles all mixed up, my older toddler (he just turned 3) found the three matching circles.

Once he had the three matching circles, then he needed to find the sort the circles from biggest to smallest to form a snowman. This didn’t take any direction on my part. By this age, he is very familiar with the anatomy of a snowman.

We used a glue stick to glue the wrapping paper scraps onto the piece of paper to form a snowman. I might recommend using a glue bottle though, the wrapping paper circles were small and thin which made it difficult for him to do on his own.

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