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My oldest daughter is a member of her school’s logic games and puzzles club this year in 6th grade and has recently introduced her little sister and my wife and I to the linguistic world of hinky pinks (also called hink pink and hinky pinkies, depending on the # of syllables used). Not only fun to say aloud (go ahead and try it — “hinky pinks!”) this simple vocabulary learning activity is a superb way to teach kids about synonyms (and antonyms, if you’d like) and rhyming words while simultaneously beefing up their vocab!

On a road trip last month, my entire family quizzed each other with clever hinky pink clues for hours which was both incredibly enjoyable and a brilliant way to pass the time on tedious stretches of highway.

What You’ll Need To Play Hinky Pinks

  • A growing vocabulary
  • A basic understanding of synonyms
  • Free time

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How To Play Hinky Pinks

Just as you can see in these cute images designed by the same oldest daughter who inspired this fun vocab learning activity, you start playing hinky pinks with a pair of non-rhyming words (the clue) which have synonyms that do rhyme (the hinky pink).

For example: the “Raining Tulips” clue has a hinky pink answer of “Flower Shower” while the correct hinky pink answer for the clue “Paperback Thief” if “Book Crook”.

To get started playing hinky pinks, one player comes up with the clue and then says it out loud. The other players must hurry to figure out the clue’s rhyming synonyms. The first player to blurt out the correct hinky pink gets a point! Continue the hinky pinks game until a player reaches a mutually agreed upon number of points to win or until your family has exhausted its lexicon of rhyming synonyms, whichever comes first!

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