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fall leaf puzzles

Find The Match – Fall Leaf Puzzles

Most of the leaves on our trees have turned pretty shades of red, yellow, and orange have yours? With Fall in full swing I wanted to use these exciting changes as a way to spark some interest in nature and math. When children are in the middle grades they fret over fractions but if you […]

back to school

Back To School Goal Setting Printable

Every year I sit down with my kids and we share what we think we should all work on during the school year. It might be an academic goal, it might be a social one, or a combination.

summer math idea

Marshmallow Popper Math

You have probably seen marshmallow poppers before but have you ever used them for math? This simple activity turns these fun DIY toys into tools for learning.

nature match summer camp ideas

Nature Match

Play this simple nature match activity that uses what you have to get your kids moving and appreciating nature.

beading math game

Roll & Bead

This game is super simple and works on counting, subitizing ( recognizing amounts without counting ) , as well as fine motor and hand eye coordination. I didn’t even mention kids get to make a super cool bracelet too.