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beading math game

Roll & Bead

This game is super simple and works on counting, subitizing ( recognizing amounts without counting ) , as well as fine motor and hand eye coordination. I didn’t even mention kids get to make a super cool bracelet too.

Simple Symmetry Activity

Try this simple symmetry activity to help children develop their ability to recognize patterns, to classify, and their observation skills.

talking to kids about emotions

Learning About Emotions with Snowmen

Teachable moments when it comes to feelings shouldn’t be while your child is experiencing a strong emotion. Instead find a quiet time to talk about and play with emotions.

family activity for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Time Capsule

Teaching young children about being thankful, an abstract concept, can be tricky. Creating a Thanksgiving time capsule is a good way to work on these concepts together and involving the whole family is a great way to model thankfulness as well.

Monster Swamp Sensory Bin

Monster Swamp Sensory Bin

This monster swamp sensory bin is filled with different textures, objects to sort and count, and is just gross enough to delight your kids.

Apple Seed Math Activity for Kids

Apple Seed Math

For younger kids, this math activity is a simple one-to-one correspondence game, but older children can work on subitizing (the ability to recognize amounts quickly without counting) and addition too.