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PBS Parent Small Business Startup Activity Title

The Small Business Startup Activity

During a recent weekend visit from out of town friends, the 10-year-old daughter of Comeback Momma taught my pre-teen girls how to finger knit. Quickly, there was excited talk of setting up an online shop to sell soft & adorable scarves for 18″ dolls. All this comes only weeks after my oldest daughter began to […]


The Scientific Wonder of Desalination On The High Seas

My family is new to the cruise life but it didn’t take us very long to become wide-eyed to the many scientific marvels on board any given ship, let alone a very high-tech brand new one! Personally, I still cannot get over how a 100,000 ton vessel stays afloat, despite my two pre-tween daughters dismissively […]

PBS Parents Water Conservation Activity Materials

Water Conservation Awareness Activity

Teach kids about water conservation with this fun water conservation activity that demonstrates how precious water truly is to so many across the globe.

PBS Parents Disappearing rust science activity

The Disappearing Rust Science Activity

Discover a simple science trick to remove tarnish and rust from metallic family heirlooms. A science activity for kids to watch rust disappear like magic!

PBS Parents Adventures in Learning Book Boardgame Activity 2

How To Turn A Favorite Book Into A Board Game

I think we can all agree that great books are great and that a great board game is nearly as great as a great book. This crafty (and pretty great) activity will have you and your kids turning a favorite book into a brand new board game with a whole lot of artistic family fun. […]

Hinky Pink Book Crook Image

Hinky Pinks — A Rhyming Synonyms Vocabulary Activity

My oldest daughter is a member of her school’s logic games and puzzles club this year in 6th grade and has recently introduced her little sister and my wife and I to the linguistic world of hinky pinks (also called hink pink and hinky pinkies, depending on the # of syllables used). Not only fun […]


Stretching Exercises With Kids

Nearly six years ago a doctor discovered that I have a degenerative lower back issue. This came after being practically immobilized for two weeks. Months of physical therapy followed and an at-home stretching regiment was introduced straightaway, but before long I’d abandoned it with a flurry of frivolous excuses. Unfortunately, stretching had never been a […]

PBS Parents Math Memory Games Free Printables Activity

Math Memory Games Printables

As a parent, I often find that turning difficult subjects like math into fun and easy games can be a clever and carefree way to reinforce school lessons at home and make learning extremely enjoyable for my two daughters. This classic memory-style math game encourages kids to solve math problems and remember answers as they […]

PBS Parents Adventures in Learning_Static Electricity Balloon Science Activity

Salt and Pepper Static Electricity Balloon Science Activity

Within a week to ten days of you reading this sentence, a balloon or two will likely be falling down around your head as you bid adieu to the year that was and ring in with glee the futuristic sounding ‘2016’. This simple but simply amazing science activity will give those balloons a 2nd life […]