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The Scientific Wonder of Desalination On The High Seas

My family is new to the cruise life but it didn’t take us very long to become wide-eyed to the many scientific marvels on board any given ship, let alone a very high-tech brand new one! Personally, I still cannot get over how a 100,000 ton vessel stays afloat, despite my two pre-tween daughters dismissively […]

PBS Parents Water Conservation Activity Materials

Water Conservation Awareness Activity

Teach kids about water conservation with this fun water conservation activity that demonstrates how precious water truly is to so many across the globe.

Stay Hydrated with Fruit-Flavored Water

The weather is heating up and the kids are playing up a sweat! Before they reach for a sugary drink that can further dehydrate them, try this thirst-quenching experiment.

PBS Parents Disappearing rust science activity

The Disappearing Rust Science Activity

Discover a simple science trick to remove tarnish and rust from metallic family heirlooms. A science activity for kids to watch rust disappear like magic!

PBS Parents Adventures in Learning_Static Electricity Balloon Science Activity

Salt and Pepper Static Electricity Balloon Science Activity

Within a week to ten days of you reading this sentence, a balloon or two will likely be falling down around your head as you bid adieu to the year that was and ring in with glee the futuristic sounding ‘2016’. This simple but simply amazing science activity will give those balloons a 2nd life […]

PBS Parents Water Displacement Experiment_Title Image

Water Displacement Experiment

Teach your kids about density, mass and water displacement in this fun experiment. Get wet, play with coins and LEGO, then watch water spill over the edge!

Ten Books About Space

Whether you’re reading stories about aliens or learning facts about the planets, these ten books about space will transport your young astronauts to another world!


How Shadows Work

It was an idyllic lazy autumn Sunday afternoon but after 6 awake hours stuck in the house, I was itching to get outdoors into the crisp clean air and beneath the still-warm October sun. Usually, I take my runs and walks alone, with earbuds in and a podcast on, but I longed for a bit […]

Up, Up, Up with Inclined Planes

Make an inclined plane for kids to setup and test to see what makes a car race further and faster. Raise it up to see what happens. Does it go further?