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Silly Books About Little Mischief Makers

By including unrealistic actions and silly characters to convey a message, the authors create pages of enjoyable entertainment while allowing their books to prompt a discussion about behaving appropriately.

back to school

Back To School Goal Setting Printable

Every year I sit down with my kids and we share what we think we should all work on during the school year. It might be an academic goal, it might be a social one, or a combination.

Botanical Mother’s Day Card

Mother’s Day turns 100! This year, celebrate Mom with a botanical card that returns Mother’s Day to its roots—with a heartfelt thanks.

Emotion Journal

Help your kids develop emotional intelligence with an emotion journal and other activities.

talking to kids about emotions

Learning About Emotions with Snowmen

Teachable moments when it comes to feelings shouldn’t be while your child is experiencing a strong emotion. Instead find a quiet time to talk about and play with emotions.

Charity Starts at Home

Charity Starts at Home (Video)

In this episode of Adventures in Learning, we talk about charity and offer a fun idea for making giving a family affair.

family activity for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Time Capsule

Teaching young children about being thankful, an abstract concept, can be tricky. Creating a Thanksgiving time capsule is a good way to work on these concepts together and involving the whole family is a great way to model thankfulness as well.

Feelings Charades

Feelings Charades

Helping kids tune into body language can help them build empathy skills. And helping them tune into their own body language can help kids feel more in control of their own emotions.