Sight Word Practice with a Slap!

Make sight word practice fun with a simple slap! Its a fun way to review sight words this summer. If not sight words, then letters, numbers, or shapes!


Silly Books About Little Mischief Makers

By including unrealistic actions and silly characters to convey a message, the authors create pages of enjoyable entertainment while allowing their books to prompt a discussion about behaving appropriately.

back to school

Back To School Goal Setting Printable

Every year I sit down with my kids and we share what we think we should all work on during the school year. It might be an academic goal, it might be a social one, or a combination.

Dog Tales for the Dog Days of Summer

Dog Tales for the Dog Days of Summer

The long, hot days of August are often called dog days, but dog days can be any time you read about the canine adventures of man’s best friend. Discover all kinds of dogs in these recommended tales.