Thanksgiving Tales

Read these stories to the children in your life to help them see what the spirit of Thanksgiving is really all about.

Tissue print

Tissue Paper Turkeys

Using non-colorfast tissue allows your child to get hands-on with science in this holiday craft.


Table Top Board Game

Let the kids go big by designing their own table top board game. They’ll learn design, teamwork, and so much more!


Books About Adoption

These books about adoption provide stories for a range of ages, as well as questions, discussion topics, photographs, and family activities to share.


Thankfulness Venn Diagram Activity

A clever Thanksgiving Day Thankfulness Venn Diagram Activity that will organize what kids, parents and grandparents are most thankful for on Thanksgiving.

thanksgiving estimation jars

Thanksgiving Estimation Jars

Thanksgiving is just around the corner so it is time to use this amazing holiday to spark more than just an interest in pilgrims and pumpkin pie! Use Thanksgiving to work on math skills.


Native American Stories

This Native American Heritage month read lore from this diverse group of people. Some tales are fun and humorous while others are serious.