Feelings Charades

Feelings Charades

Helping kids tune into body language can help them build empathy skills. And helping them tune into their own body language can help kids feel more in control of their own emotions.

Shapes Scavenger Hunt

Shape Scavenger Hunt (Video)

Shapes are everywhere and make up everything. That makes them a great thing to study. In this episode of Adventures in Learning, we go on a shape hunt.

Not So Scary Boo Book

Help kids develop strategies for tackling their fears with this not so scary book.

find the letter apple

Find the Letter on the Apple

Practice fine motor skills with paper clips when kids find the letter on the apple! A letter learning activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

Farmers Market Math

Farmers Market Math (Video)

Money math problems can be tricky. Help kids learn the value of a dollar by letting them help you shop on your next grocery trip.