Thank You in Different Languages

The Language of “Thank You” Cards

Here is a cool art project that teaches kids not only how to say thank you in different languages, but gives them a lesson in different cultures and customs.

Mind-Blowing Math Tricks (Video)

Is your child trying to learn her times table? Mya, the Full-Time Kid, shows how to easily learn the nine times table with this simple trick.

Apple Seed Math Activity for Kids

Apple Seed Math

For younger kids, this math activity is a simple one-to-one correspondence game, but older children can work on subitizing (the ability to recognize amounts quickly without counting) and addition too.

Pocket Star Guide

Stargazing with a Pocket Star Guide (Video)

Since ancient times, people have looked to the stars. They have inspired artists, scientists and storytellers. Encourage your kids to look to the stars with a handy dandy pocket field guide.