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Backyard Baseball Math

Backyard baseball math is a simple, fun way to avoid the summer slide, stay active, learn math equations and fall in love with America’s National Pastime.


8 Great Books About the Number Zero

Browse these titles to spark meaningful conversation about zeroes and encourage kids to find the zeroes in various everyday environments.

Animal Sounds Books

9 Fine Books About Animal Sounds

Whether you think a dog says “Woof,” “Bark,” “Yip,” or “Ruff,” these books are a fun way for kids to learn about the different sounds that animals make!

Puppy Dog Tales

Puppy Dog Tales

Create a one-of-a-kind storybook with a cover so cute, you may want to pet it!

cereal box board game

Make a Cereal Box Board Game

This do-it-yourself twist on the classic board game is a great boredom buster for your stay-at-home campers this summer.