Botanical Mother’s Day Card

Mother’s Day turns 100! This year, celebrate Mom with a botanical card that returns Mother’s Day to its roots—with a heartfelt thanks.


Snip Snip! Cut and Paste Sight Words

Simply cut and paste sight words from magazines to help kids learn their sight words or spelling words. Preschoolers can cut and paste their name.


Best Gardening Books for Kids

Inch by inch, row by row, learn to make your garden grow! Browse through these seed-filled reads and explore the outdoors through books.

kids can learn about potential and kinetic energy with this easy to make balloon popper

Balloon Cup Popper

If your kids slide into the “I’m bored” funk, have them try this Balloon Cup Popper. It’s so easy to make even young kids can give it a go. Plus, you can use them to sneak in a variety of hands-on learning, including a lesson in potential and kinetic energy.

Science Eggsperiments

Science Eggsperiments

Easter is just around the corner—what better time to conduct science experiments using eggs? We’ve gathered the best eggsperiments on the web. Time to get crackin’!