Autumn Math With Apples and Pumpkins

This autumnal early math activity uses the sights and smells of the season to teach the basic math concepts of counting, sorting, and graphing to your preschool-age children.


DIY Bottle Thermometer

Make your own thermometer and customize the color with this neat science project you can do at home.


Fall Color Wheel

For this Adventure in Learning, let’s head outdoors and look for colorful signs of Autumn using a fall color wheel.


Children’s Books About Peace

On the International Day of Peace, observed every year on September 21, explore the themes of community, tolerance, and citizenship with these recommended books.

Books About Latinos Who Made a Difference

Books About Latinos Who Made a Difference

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, which is observed from September 15 to October 15, by reading about the histories, cultures and contributions of Latino Americans.