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Introduction: Pam

Posted by Pam on April 26, 2009 at 8:13 PM in Introductions
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I was so excited to be part of the Booklights blog that I was determined to write a hilarious introductory post. Unfortunately, this week I was plagued by planning my seventh-grade Girl Scout troop's camping trip, along with hosting their movie night on Friday and coordinating the "first aid challenge" for the area troops. It also became hard to concentrate on writing once the dishwasher started leaking water out the back of the house. Yes, it surprised me too, as it did the plumber who had to be called in to check it out, confirming that I would need a new dishwasher, but also that it was lucky the water had followed the slight slant toward the outside wall instead of the kitchen, where it would have ruined the whole floor. I've kept this good news in mind as I washed dishes by hand, since I don't have the time or energy to buy a new dishwasher yet -- not with the Girl Scouts, the fourth grader's dance and drama classes, and my work at the public library.

But Saturday, I was definitely going to write something funny and telling about me as a person, mother, and book reviewer. Taking my fourth-grade daughter to her Girl Scout field trip to explore a farm here in the Washington suburbs shouldn't have been an obstacle, but the unseasonable heat (how does it go from 50 to 90 in just two days?) wiped us out, leaving me with just enough energy to fast-forward through the commercials of our previously-recorded American Idol. By dinnertime I felt human again, and was certain I'd hit the computer after washing dishes and whip out something funny -- because I'm an optimist. So the subsequent eight-hour power outage was a bit of a setback. Of course, the tropical climate in our house made it hard to sleep, and meant that I woke up much later than I'd planned on Sunday --especially considering that my seventh grader's school project was going to take up four peak hours and completely occupy my husband. That might not have been a problem, except that my father was coming to visit with his wife, and someone had to make an effort to clean up.

So here I am now, explaining why I couldn't come up with something clever to introduce myself. I guess I'm a busy mom like many of you, trying to do the best by my kids, whether that involves their schoolwork, activities, friendships, or books. I've been reading to my kids for thirteen years, and I've worked in the children's department of a public library for nine years. For three years I've run a blog about children's books and also worked with the online book award, the Cybils, focusing on the picture book awards. I recently started a new website called KidLitosphere Central, its goal being to make the rich resources of children's book blogs more accessible to teachers, librarians, and parents. Each week at Booklights, I'll be sharing a few quick book suggestions for your library visits, reading times, and bookstore shopping.

By the way, my name is Pam -- or if you prefer, you can call me by my blog name, MotherReader. Nice to meet you.


adrienne writes...

I think that's a perfect introduction, Pam.

william writes...

Nice to meet you from a children author of Concord, Ca.

My web blog has free children stories & poetry for as young as five.

It's for parents, grandparents and teachers. Have fun with your children by encouraging to read more, and help them put a smile on there face. William Sawyers

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