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Welcome to Booklights

Posted by Gina on April 23, 2009 at 5:29 PM in Introductions
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We're a book-happy bunch here at PBS, and always have been. But this seems like an especially good time to be launching Booklights, our new blog spreading the fun and love of children's books.

mo_willems.jpgChildren's Book Week is right around the corner (May 11-17), and we were just treated to an office visit from Mo Willems, celebrated author and illustrator (and former Sesame Street writer -- here he is posing with Big Bird). The sixth Harry Potter movie is coming out in July, and books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the Graveyard Book are making new fans every day. And we know that parents are always looking for ways to get their kids reading -- on purpose, not because they're forced into it.

Parents can come to Booklights to get book ideas for kids of all ages, "Show and Tale" time, and interviews and literacy news. But most of all, Booklights is about getting kids to love reading, to experience the joy of finding a book that's so good that dinner can wait, TV time can wait, and sleep can wait.

Get to know our regular contributors -- Pam Coughlan, Susan Kusel, and Jen Robinson, who will be posting every week -- and ask all the questions you want. We love to hear from you. And stay tuned for guest blogs and book giveaways.


Nate writes...

This is great, great stuff. My favorite picture book as a child was Go, Dog, Go!, by P.D. Eastman. It was something of a magical moment for me when Mo Willems, during his visit, talked about it and talked about the tree party at the end: "It made you want to BE there!" Books are special and have the power to create unique moments, moments that stick with us throughout our lives. I'm excited to see this blog get off the ground!

Michele writes...

I've already bookmarked this blog & can't wait for new posts. We're always looking for new books to read!! Thanks Gina :) We heart PBS!

Gina writes...

Hearts right back Michele! Hope we can provide you and your lil' cutie some good suggestions.

Seth writes...

Great idea and sure to be super helpful for parents. I've known tons of PBS Kids folks over the years so I totally get how books fit with your mission...

Wondering aloud if some might be confused that the "kids TV people" are promoting reading, libraries, etc. I think the connection is to your credit and wish you the best of luck.

GinaAuthor Profile Page writes...

Thanks, Seth! You brought up an interesting point. The leap from TV to a book blog is shorter than ever with our PBS KIDS Raising Readers initiative ( Programs under this initiative include old favorites like Sesame Street and Between the Lions, and newer shows like Super Why, WordWorld, Martha Speaks, and the Electric Company. They're all focused on literacy, so it seemed natural for us to get a discussion over books going here. Keep your comments coming!

Maeve writes...

As a parent of three children, we spend a lot of time at the library. I am always looking for suggestions about choosing the best books that will ignite my children's imagination. PBS is a source that I can trust. And, thanks for making the joy of reading a major emphasis!

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