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Thursday Three: Cats

Posted by Pam on May 14, 2009 at 12:04 AM in Picture BooksRecommendations
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For the most part, I'll be using my day of blog posting to introduce three new or newish picture books. Sometimes there will be a subject theme, but not always. Today I have some of my new favorite cat books to share.

Grumpy Cat
by Britta Teckentrup
The plot isn't uncharted territory, but it doesn't matter. A loner cat finds his personal space invaded and grows to accept the intruder, even as a friend. The bright colors, the simple text, and the cutey cute cuteness of the kitten intruder make this book special. The large broadly drawn pages and big print make it a good storytime book - no danger that someone can't see the pictures here. There's some wonderful expressions to the simple illustrations - especially the Grumpy Cat's angry face. A fun book, probably best for the twos and threes.

Cat Jumped In!
written by Tess Weaver, illustrated by Emily Arnold McCully
On a warm summer day, Cat jumps in the window of the house and gets into all kinds of messes through the day. At each untidy encounter, he is met by a pair of legs (that we can assume connect to a person) and the repeating phrase, "Cat? Out!" I like how the phrase "Tip-tap, pitter-pat came footsteps, closer and closer" gets steadily more tips and taps and pitters and pats and there's a growing urgency to the "OUT!." The illustrations are perfect for a book about a cat, lively and soft at the same time. Great for all ages.

Katie Loves the Kittens
by John Himmelman
First of all, gotta love the cover of a happy dog plowing through three kittens and their surprised expressions as they flip through the air. Katie, the dog, is excited that her owner brought home three kittens. So excited that she howled like crazy - and freaked those kittens out! Being scolded for scaring them, she tried to control herself (with a priceless picture of her tail wagging until her whole body is shaking), but couldn't. Katie is so sad that she scares the kittens, that she goes back to bed. There, where she is quiet, the kittens come to her. Wonderful book about kittens, dogs, and yes - patience. Personally, I've seen this book read and enjoyed by both a toddler and a teen, so I'd say this title has certainly got some range.


Nicole writes...

My son's favorite cat book is Night Cat by Margaret Beames, illustrated by Sue Hitchcock. I have to confess that I was not impressed with the book when we first took it out of the library, but I read it to him and he ADORED it.

Z-Dad writes...

Great picks! My favorite new cat books are "A Curious Collection of Cats" which has wonderful concrete poetry. And Viviane Schwarz's "There are Cats in this Book" an amazing interactive lift the flap book, like no other...

David writes...

Great choices. I was just reading Katie Loves the Kittens today. Cat by Mike Dumbleton is a very simple book with few words that still tell the tale (tail?) of Cat's eventful day. Mr. Pusskins and Little Whiskers by Sam Lloyd features grumpy Mr. Pussklins and his new roommate Little Whiskers. Hijinks ensue!

Sarah N. writes...

We'll have to check these out. My 2yo is extremely in love with Mama Cat Has Three Kittens by Denise Fleming. And we're all fans of Mr. Pusskins: A Love Story by Sam Lloyd and Ginger Finds a Home by Charlotte Voake.

Pam writes...

Great additions, everyone! I know and love them all - except for "A Curious Collection of Cats" which I'll have to find now at my library.

I could cover cat books for ages - there are so many good ones. Three more of my favorites (that maybe I'll do in a Thursday Three down the line) are Mrs. McTats and Her Houseful of Cats by Capucilli (an alphabet and counting book); Cats, Cats, Cats, by Newman (try looking that up on Amazon without the author); and Telling Time with Big Mama Cat, by Harper (which includes plastic clockhands and time by cat standards).

Mary Ann writes...

Oh, I hope you find "A Curious Collection of Cats" - we've had lots of fun reading it. Most of it is actually available online through Google Books.

Thanks for these suggestions - I just requested them from our local library.

LarsonFaye18 writes...

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