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Books good enough to eat

Posted by Susan on June 3, 2009 at 12:00 AM in Fun and GamesPicture Books
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I love cake. I love children's books. So, when my friend Kathy sent me this wonderful blog post from Cake Wrecks of culinary creations based on beloved children's books... naturally, I loved it.

It inspired me to try and find other fabulous cakes. Here's a few of my favorite ones. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. All the pictures are from Cake Central, unless otherwise noted.

Attention Fancy Nancy fans: check out this amazingly fancy cake.

Fancy Nancy cake.JPG

Have you ever wanted to curl up with a good book and a yummy desert? Take a look at this cake.

Boy reading in bed cake.jpg

This cake was made for a children's librarian who was retiring to stay home and take care of her grandchildren. Very artistic and spunky, just like Olivia .

Olivia cake.jpg

This is a great cake based on Where the Wild Things Are.

Wild Things cake.jpg

I love the creativity in this 1st birthday cake. The top tier was made for the birthday kid to smash. The baker made a model of her son who looks like he's actually crawling up the cake (and wreaking the inevitable damage).

First Birthday cake.jpg

You've got to say no to this terrific cake based on David Shannon's No, David!

No David cake.jpg

This one's a little harder to turn down. But Don't Let the Pigeon Eat the Cake!

Pigeon cake.JPG

Check out this cake of the Three Little Pigs.

3 Little Pigs cake.jpg

These houses are made out of gingerbread!

3 Little Pigs gingerbread cake.JPG

I like this cake based on the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. It's so simple and yet it tells the story perfectly.

Chicka Chicka cake.jpg

The details are amazing on this cake modeled after Guess How Much I Love You. Even the author's and illustrator's names are on the cake.

Guess How Much Cake.jpg

These Dr. Seuss cookies look delectable.

Dr Seuss cookies.JPG

Dr. Seuss cakes were easy to find, but I thought this one was particularly exceptional. I was so impressed with the vertical hat covered with iced sketch marks and the clothesline strung between Truffula trees.

Dr Seuss cake.jpg

The top of the hat is the kicker.

Dr Seuss cake detail.jpg

Here's an excellent cake based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Hungry caterpillar cake.JPG

I lost my heart to this caterpillar cupcake mosaic.

Caterpillar cupcakes.jpg

Take a closer look, and then check out the step by step photos on the baker's blog.

Caterpillar cupcakes detail.jpg

And, of course, I had to find a Harry Potter cake. After quite a bit of searching, I found this fantastic cake of Hogwarts. Truly breathtaking. And it's made from Rice Krispie treats!

Hogwarts cake.jpg

The moral of this post is: you can have your cake and read it too.


Erin writes...

Oh my god! I love them all! My son's second birthday is in a few weeks and now I am inspired!!!

Thank you,
Erin (children's librarian and very busy mom of two little boys)

PJ Hoover writes...

These are amazing! And you're right. That is the best Cat in the Hat cake ever. I can't even imagine cutting into it to eat it!

Melissa (Book Nut) writes...

Those are gorgeous cakes. Thanks for doing the searching for us, Susan, and sharing. Made my day.

adrienne writes...

Wow! I love seeing cakes like this, although I find that when I bake a cake, I have a hart time just waiting for the darned thing to cool before I frost and eat it.

Cari writes...

What wonderful, creative people must have made these cakes! Truly an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

Nora writes...

there is nothing i like more than cake and books! awesome!

Lacey writes...

I am a Kindergarten teacher who is obsessed (mildly... lol) with children's books. My favorite of all time has to be "Where the Wild Things Are". But a close second, of course, are Olivia's books.

Thank you for sharing these cakes! CakeWrecks is a seriously fun website! Her commentary is hilarious and I've been reading it for about a year. :)

rockinlibrarian writes...

I got here from the link on Fuse #8--

I wanted to add the cake my mom made for my (kid-lit-themed) baby shower a few years ago. Not as fancy as the professional ones, but maybe more inspiring because it's not impossible for the average layperson?

SusanAuthor Profile Page writes...

That's a great Pat the Bunny cake! I love it.

dixie fritzsche writes...

Cool Cakes!

Kiersten writes...

My friend made the first cake, Fancy Nancy! She makes cakes in the Central Florida area and the are wonderful! Her blog is All these cakes are amazing and I love seeing the theme of books pulled together to inspire us. Thanks!

SusanAuthor Profile Page writes...

Kiersten- thank you so much for the link. Your friend's cake portfolio is absolutely incredible! Tell her how impressed I was with the Fancy Nancy cake. It perfectly captured the theme and style of the books, and I loved that she had butterflies for Bonjour Butterfly on it. The top and bottom of the cake were particularly inspired. In her comment on Cake Central, she said it was really ugly at first. I can't even imagine that... it's so beautiful!

Barbara writes...

Loved looking at these cakes. I make beautiful, delicious cakes but these are amazing.

gav writes...

love the very hungry caterpillar cake :)

Matt writes...

Here's a Babymouse: Beach Babe giant cupcake we spotted a while back, created by Studio Cake in Menlo Park, Calif. Too cool.

anisha writes...

great cakes! thanks for scouting for them :-)

Dawn writes...

These are simply amazing! I absolutely LOVE the idea of a children's birthday party centered on picture books. You can have your cake and read it too (ha, ha)!

Thank you for sharing these fabulous photos.

Rasco from RIF writes...

We have these cakes displayed all over them!

Vanessa writes...

What great birthday cake ideas! I NEVER know what to do--usually end up with something generic--this has inspired me for sure.

Alana writes...

How funny! I was searching for some inspiration for my next cake (Harry Potter) and this site came up in my search. You have my chicka chicka boom boom cake featured here. Thanks so much. You've got a bunch of fabulous book cakes!

Julie writes...

Super cakes! As a reading specialist and book lover, these cakes really make the grade! Wish someone would make one for me for MY birthday!

Kristal L. Rosebrook writes...

Fabulous cakes!

I like all the types of cakes here because of different design that really catches my attention.
All the cakes are baked with concept like a story; poem and inspiring message are showed.

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