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Show and Tale: The Runaway Bunny

Posted by Gina on August 25, 2009 at 9:54 AM in Board BooksClassicsShow and Tale
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runawaybunny.gifToday's Show and Tale comes from Kathleen, a mom who picked Margaret Wise Brown's The Runaway Bunny. Brown and illustrator Clement Hurd, well loved for Goodnight Moon, created another classic with this sweet tale.

"It's a wonderful way to let your child know that you'd search to the ends of the earth for her," Kathleen said.

Have you read The Runaway Bunny? What are some other comforting books that you and your child love?


Kristen M. writes...

We never read this one and we're probably in the minority because we're not in love with Goodnight Moon. We own it but it just never came out very often. We're more of a Good Night Gorilla family. ;)

We do love Pat the Bunny and the bedtime version Sleepy Bunny. Bunnies are a nice, quiet bedtime animal.

Pam writes...

We always loved "No Matter What" by Debbie Gliori where the adult fox reassures the cub that he/she loves her/him no matter what. I like that it could be mom or dad, girl or boy. I love the message that being grumpy or far away doesn't mean that you stop loving or being loved.

Lynn writes...

My son didn't like Runaway Bunny at all, but I think we tried it when he was very young. He loved Goodnight Moon until we realized that the red balloon inexplicably disappears on some of the pages, and now he just opens it up and keeps pointing to where the balloon should be. He likes the Llama Llama books we've read, and they have a nice "mama is always here and loves you" sort of message. I think in terms of being comforting, it's not so much which book as the scenario...the most comforting books are the ones we read with him curled up in my lap, when I've shut my laptop lid and buried my iphone somewhere, and we're not bartering a few more books before bedtime, but just sitting down to read with a big pile of books and no time limit at all.

GinaAuthor Profile Page writes...

So far, we have gorillas, bunnies, foxes, and llamas as comfy, reassuring animals -- nice mix! I'll add dinosaurs in there, too, since "How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight" is a favorite of mine.

Kate writes...

Heehee. Just last night I was at a bookstore and read Adam Rex's new parody, The Runaway Mummy. I recommend it for kids (especially rowdy little boys) who find The Runaway Bunny too sweet!

Michael Rex writes...

Hi. This is Michael Rex, author of The Runaway Mummy. Thanks for the nice commenst on my books. I often get confused with Adam Rex, but that's ok.---Mike

GinaAuthor Profile Page writes...

Mike, thanks for chiming in! We love hearing from authors.

Pat writes...

Just sent the gift set (book & stuffed bunny) to our 18 yr old who is away at college. She thinks we're meddling in her personal life too much so is trying to keep her distance by not calling or emailing much. We hope she gets the message.

GinaAuthor Profile Page writes...

Pat, just goes to show you that you're never too old to get a picture book and stuffed animal, are you?

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