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Help your child become a science explorer!

This site provides ideas for using family time to help your child explore and learn about the natural world.

This site includes:

Activities with hands-on learning experiences, videoclips, books, and games to enjoy with your child. These tools help connect the fun-filled science adventures in the programs to your child's own science explorations and observations. You'll find suggestions for continuing your child's learning experiences inside and outside your home, including places you can visit with your child such as grocery stores, playgrounds, parks, science museums, aquariums, and zoos.

Viewing Tips to help you promote your child's active viewing and learning from the episodes.

An Explorer's Guide with tips and strategies to help you facilitate your child's science learning and inquiry during everyday explorations and activities in and around your home.

The PBS KIDS site includes:

The kids website for The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!TM is a companion to the television show that encourages children to go on science adventures with Sally, Nick, and The Cat in the Hat. Developed with the support of science advisors and educational experts, each interactive game and activity models scientific inquiry and discovery in an approachable manner for preschoolers.

With The Cat in the Hat as their guide, children can actively participate in science exploration as they migrate with Purple Martins, control the weather with Thing 1 and Thing 2, play hide-and-seek with geckos, and more. Plus, the Snap-o-Rama camera will allow children to browse through photographs from their adventures and play picture games designed to reinforce careful observation, classification, and memory skills.

In addition to the interactive games and activities, the website features a wide variety of printable activities and also offers the opportunity to view full episodes and clips of the show.

See below for complete game descriptions.

MFreeze Your Knees Follow Me Please Thumb
Freeze Your Knees, Follow Me Please!
Ralph the Reindeer is a long way from Freezeyourknees Valley. The Cat in the Hat is giving the lost reindeer a ride home when the Thingamajigger suddenly loses its power and makes an emergency landing. Only you can guide Ralph back to his family in time for Christmas - with help from some amazing animal friends! Freezeyourknees, Follow Me, Please! offers players three levels of game play, each level its own animal-themed "Follow Me" challenge:
Do You See My Seahorse Thumb
Do You See My Seahorse
The swirly whirly ocean mixed up all the seahorses! Can you help the seahorse fathers find their babies? Count the babies and match them with their seahorse father for a happy reunion!
Beehive and Seek Thumb
Beehive and Seek
The Thinga-ma-Jigger shrinks down to bee-size for an adventure in early mapping skills. Players follow directional clues to find a hive. The Cat in the Hat unfurls a map of the park. The map displays five beehives, as well as iconic images of the Park’s key features (shrubs, playground, sandbox etc). Kids have to help our bee friend find his way home.
Meerkat Jubilee Thumb
Meerkat Jubilee
An earth rumble has scrambled all of the underground tunnels and now Minnie the Meerkat can’t find her way home. Players must rotate the mixed-up tunnel sections to lead Minnie back to her lair, and to those of all her Meerkat friends.
Welcome to Beaver City Thumb
Welcome to Beaver City!

Welcome to Beaver City! It’s dam building day! Choose from 3 games to play.

The beavers come in every size you see! Put them in size order from shortest to tallest!

Cut the logs to fit and help the beavers make their dam grow.

Beaver Dream Homes are such grand fun to build! Choose the beaver dream home you’d like to build and let your imagination go wild.

Chasing Rainbows Thumb
Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows are interactive activities that put kids in the middle of the Rainbow Song from one of our most popular episodes. Here Nick, Sally and the Cat in the Hat are helping King Kaleidoscope catch a rainbow.

First the players need to scope out the colors. The rainbow will magically transition to moving balls of color. Then, help the gang color a rainbow for the king. Select a color from the buckets and click to match it on the rainbow.

Deep Sea Follow Me Thumb
Deep Sea Follow Me
Help The Cat in the Hat find homes in the coral reef for his fish friends. Kids will learn directional words along the way.
Leafylafoo Roundup Thumb
Leafylafoo Roundup
The Cat in the Hat takes Nick and Sally to the rain forest to plant the rare Leafylafoo Tree. When Sally asks what makes the tree so special, the Cat in the Hat explains, "The Leafylafoo? Its branches are leafy, with leaves made by YOU!"
The Swirly Whirly Pearl Hunt Thumb
The Swirly Whirly Pearl Hunt
Players climb aboard the Thingamajigger and use DEDUCTIVE REASONING to journey through silly schools of fish. The Swirly Whirly Pearl is waiting at the end of the adventure, along with the player’s chance to create their very own mix-and-match sea creatures.
Migration Adventure Thumb
Migration Adventure
Autumn is here, so it’s time to fly south for the winter. In this game, the player steers the Cat in the Hat’s Thinga-ma-jigger to follow a flock of birds on their journey toward warmer weather and more plentiful food. But players will learn that, just like birds, they can’t make the whole trip in one stretch. They’ll have to keep a sharp eye out for appropriate landing spots along the way, where they can rest, eat, and drink before they run out of energy.
Now You See Me Thumb
Now You See Me, Now You Don’t
Can you find the animals hiding in these scenes? In this game, kids learn how various animals use camouflage as they play hide-and-seek with geckos, fish, and butterflies.
Weather Transformer Thumb
Weather Transformer
In this activity, kids can create their own backyard scene with the Cat in the Hat, Thing One, and Thing Two. But the fun really begins when kids change the weather and turn a sunny summer day into a wintry blizzard, or a windy day into a sudden cloudburst! As they play, kids learn about cause and effect, states of water, and the impact of weather.
Flower Finder Thumb
Flower Finder
Flowers aren’t just pretty. To some animals and insects, flowers are sources of food, water, or shelter. Here, players think about the attributes of different flowers as they help animals and insects find the flowers they need. Afterward, kids can design, color, and print a flower of their very own as a reward.
Nocturnal Hat Hunt Thumb
The Great Nocturnal Hat Hunt
When kids go to bed, nocturnal animals are just starting their day. In this game, kids will learn how these animals find their way in the dark—as they listen like a bat, sniff like a possum, and see in the dark like an owl to help the Cat find his lost hat.
Such Great Heights Thumb
Such Great Heights
Sally and Nick are up a tree—a tree in the rainforest, that is! Players will help Nick and Sally learn to move like various rainforest creatures, so that they can climb the tree to reach their goal. Along the way, players will discover some of the different methods that rainforest creatures use to move through their environment, as they slither up a tree like a snake, use “suction cups” like a tree frog, and swing like a monkey.
Sally and Nick want to fly their brand new kite, but the valley of Huff-Puff-Maguff has lost its wind! Luckily the Cat in the Hat has a Huff-Puff-a-Tron handy, an ingenious contraption that gobbles up colorful shapes and spits out gusts of wind. Kids feed the right shapes into the machine to keep it blowing. As the kites get bigger players need more wind and will have to feed the machine faster and faster. Advanced levels introduce patterns, colors, and shape combinations.
The Great Shape Race
The Great Shape Race
The Thinga-ma-jigger arrives just in time for the Great Shape Race. To complete the race, kids guides Sally and Nick back and forth across the lanes, collecting shape fragments and avoiding physical obstacles. At frequent intervals, the track narrows to a single lane and the player is challenged to fill the pothole ahead with multiple shape patches.
Face off against the world’s best builders — termites! On the right side of the board kids see the termites, hard at work, as they construct a tower that reaches higher and higher. Players and their teammates are on the left side, drawing their own blocks that magically transform into actual physical objects, then tumble into place following the basic rules of physics. It is Doodle Jump meets Jenga meets Tetris and you are center stage.
Hermit Shell Game
Hermit Shell Game
Tucker the Hermit Crab must be eating right! He’s constantly outgrowing his shell. In this game, kids can help him pick the perfect sized new shell as he grows and grows. This HTML5 game challenges kids to match sizes and patterns in a beach adventure!
Open up the Snap-o-Rama camera for some picture-perfect activities. Kids can browse through your photographs or use them to play one of three mini-games that each focus on a different observational skill every young scientist needs. Mini-games include matching, puzzles and sorting. Kids can add even more pictures to their Snap-o-Rama camera by playing many of the other games on the site.
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