Math Easy Ways to Help Your Seven-Year-Old Learn Shapes and Basic Geometry

Learning about shapes sets the stage for understanding geometry. As your seven-year-old's shape vocabulary grows, so does their math knowledge. At this age, they can often explore more complex 2D shapes like parallelograms and octagons, and new 3D shapes like square pyramids and triangular prisms. Encourage your child to use mathematical language, such as "rhombus" instead of "diamond" or "angles" instead of "corners."

Support your child's growing knowledge of shapes:

Make Your Own Three-Dimensional shapes

Get your child involved with making his own three-dimensional shapes with a variety of materials. Use toothpicks and gumdrops (or mini marshmallows) to create three-dimensional shapes like cubes, rectangular prisms or triangular pyramids. For three-dimensional shapes with round edges (like cones and cylinders), paper usually works better. Here are two examples from Bob the Builder: Cereal Box Building and Cheese Cube Construction.

Play with Tangram Puzzles

Tangrams are ancient Chinese puzzle pieces, and they are a great way to explore shape composition and decomposition! Print out your own here, or the next time you eat a sandwich, use it as a learning experience!

Stop the Shape Thief

The Odd Squad needs to keep Common Chris from stealing shapes. Your child can help by putting common shapes together to form more complex shapes and keep them out of Common Chris' sight.

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Teach Squares vs. Rectangles

Using graph paper, have your child draw both a square and a rectangle. Discuss why they are different and why they are the same. Can your child draw a rectangle made out of two squares? Emphasize that a square is a special kind of rectangle that has an equal length on all sides.

sector 21Cases

Things are getting odd around here. In this online game, your child can be an Odd Squad detective and use math skills to solve multiple cases of oddness.

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Hidden Two-Dimensional Shape Drawing Challenge

At this age, your child can probably draw two-dimensional shapes fairly well. Challenge them to draw a picture using any combination of the following shapes: square, circle, triangle, rectangle, pentagon or hexagon. See if they can create a scene using all six of these shapes! Then it's your job to find the shapes within the picture.

Secret Message Shapes

Building blocks are a great way to explore 3D shapes with your child. In this activity, you and your child can assemble and take apart 3D shapes, and even use these shapes to send secret messages.

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Help Your Child Learn to Love Math with Odd Squad

Odd Squad focuses on a kid-run agency that saves the day whenever something unusual happens. Emphasizing problem solving, teamwork and perseverance in every strange and hilarious new assignment, agents use math to investigate weird problems -- and your child can help!

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