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While there are many styles of parenting, almost all parents have the same basic hopes for their children. We want them to be kind, confident and brave. We want them to grow into flourishing individuals who treat themselves and others with respect and dignity. This is the work of a lifetime – and it starts early as children become self-aware, learn how to relate with others, and develop habits that build their character.

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Foster Your Child’s Development With These Programs

  • Arthur

    Whether facing down a bully, worrying about a new teacher or being the very last person on earth to lose his baby teeth, Arthur and his friends manage to solve their crises with imagination, kindness and a lot of humor.

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  • Bob the Builder

    As kids watch Bob and his team tackle construction projects, they’ll discover that problem solving is about trying one's best, and if it doesn't work the first time — try again. Friendship and teamwork are at the center of getting the job done!

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    Bob the Builder
  • Caillou

    Inquisitive four-year-old Caillou epitomizes the wonder with which children experience the ordinary — from understanding one's family to venturing around the corner for the first time.

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  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

    Through imagination, creativity and music, Daniel and his friends learn key social skills using strategies grounded in the teachings of Mister Rogers.

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    Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
  • Sesame Street

    The people on this very special street learn life’s lessons together, provide viewers with strong role models, and teach children that everyone brings a special ability to the community. Here, children learn to use their imaginations, build social skills and respect people’s differences.

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    Sesame Street
  • Thomas & Friends

    As young viewers join Thomas and his engine friends on exciting adventures on the Island of Sodor and beyond, they experience timeless life lessons of discovery, cooperation and friendship.

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    Thomas & Friends

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