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Chuck is a dreamer…a person who believes in the transformative power of music, and through the sheer force of his will, can make you believe, too. He’s all heart and guts and enthusiasm and energy, wrapped up in a charismatic, shorter-than-the-average-kid-his-age package. He loves discovering new musical genres, and when he does, he jumps in with both feet…immersing himself in the music and the culture from which it came. His main goal in doing this is not to turn himself into a music snob…just the opposite. Chuck wants to learn about the music so he can share it with others…so that they can experience the same joy that he experiences when he hears something transcendent for the first time. Music is the message; Chuck just wants to be one of the messengers.

Ramona (bass, percussion, just-about-every-other-instrument-ever, vocals) – If Chuck is the wild-eyed dreamer, then Ramona is the rock…the foundation on which Chuck Vanderchuck’s “Something Something” Explosion is built. She’s as practical as Chuck is fantastical… She whole-heartedly shares Chuck’s dream of rocking the world, and knows that it’s going to take a combination of her brains and Chuck’s heart to get them there. When the music starts, though…hoo boy, watch out…Ramona’s practical side gets put on hold, and she completely gives herself over to the music.

Ramona is the very definition of versatile. Put an instrument in front of her, she’ll figure out how to play it. Give her a look to emulate, she’ll design and put together something that’ll put the “OW!” in outfit! She brings the playfulness of Joan Jett, the wit of Chrissie Hynde, the daring of Lady Gaga, the edge of Siouxsie Sioux, the funk of Fergie, the killer moves of Beyonce, and when she needs it, the diva power of Aretha. Whenever Chuck pushes the band, he never, EVER has to ask if Ramona is in…She’s ALWAYS in, and her purpose is to push Chuck (and you) to keep up with her…

Zeppelin (roadie, metronome, all-around good dog) – Every musician should have a roadie as helpful and dependable as Zeppelin. Chuck found him at the pound (Can you believe it?!?), and on first sight, Chuck knew Zeppelin was the dog for him. Well, it wasn’t exactly first sight...more like first listen... You see, Chuck knew that any dog he brought home was going to have to love music, so he brought his guitar with him to the pound. When Chuck started playing a killer riff, only one dog stepped forward to listen...Zeppelin! And then Chuck discovered something amazing...Zeppelin wasn’t just listening; he was also keeping perfect time...with his tail! “That dog is righteous!!” Chuck exclaimed, and he’s kept that opinion of Zeppelin ever since.

Zeppelin is always around to help carry equipment, or to make sure everything is set up and plugged in. He also isn’t shy about giving his opinion, whether it’s a lick to the face (when the music is mind-blowing) or a quick retreat to another room (when the music is a lot less than mind-blowing). Zeppelin always seems to know what Chuck and Ramona need help with, and all he asks for in return is a scratch behind the ears every once in a while...not a bad deal...

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