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Signs of Stress

Rosita with kids.

Children may sometimes express themselves not in words, but in behavior. Each child may react to stress and sadness differently. Be aware of changes, and be sure to get counseling if it's needed. Some signs your child may need help handling things:

  • acting out
  • being extra clingy
  • being withdrawn or overly active
  • experiencing nightmares or sleeplessness
  • losing developmental milestones (such as bathroom skills)

And if your child is anxious about going to school, know that this may actually reflect a fear of leaving home. You can discuss this with your child's teachers, social workers and other counselors.


Be sure to tell older kids about It's My Life. This PBS KIDS GO! site for tweens focuses on difficult issues relating to family life, friendships, weight and other topics. It's My Life's special sections on coping with anger and depression will be particularly helpful for tweens in military families who are dealing with homecomings and change.


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