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Craft Apparent

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Chiming In

Posted by Vickie Howell on March 15, 2010 at 3:05 PM in Eco-Conscious CraftsGeneral CraftsNature Crafts
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Spring has (almost) sprung which means it's time to get our outdoor craft on!  With just a spoonful of creativity, your family can whip-up an eco-friendly wind chime out of recycled utensils -- so, clean out those cabinets for a D.I.Y. clapper made from everything but the kitchen sink!


Wooden Spoons
Small Colander 
Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint
Spray Sealant (optional)
Clear Jewelry Cord or Thread
Colorful Bead (optional)


  • Thoroughly coat wooden spoons with spray paint.  If desired, also coat with an all-weather, spray sealant.  Let dry.


  • Drill a hole in each spoon handle, about 1/2" down from tip.


  • Knot a piece of jewelry cord through a spoon's hole.  Feed the opposite end of cord up through the inside of one of the colander's holes and back down through another.  Pull until desired length; knot off and cut excess.  Repeat for as many spoons as it takes to create the look you're going for.
  • Tie a hanging loop of cord onto top of colander; slide decorative bead onto an additional piece of jewelry cord, knotting to keep in place.  
  • Hang and enjoy the clickety-clack.  What's that?  It's the sound of craftiness!



P.S.  Don't forget to share pictures of your crafts in our Flickr Pool!


tina writes...

so THAT's what you were doing with wooden spoons... cute!

Ann writes...

Not too familiar with computers so don't know what you mean by website.

Would you know where I can find a crochet pattern for an Irish Fishermans mans cardigan? Would appreciate if you could steer me in the right direction. Been looking for quite a while and as of yet no one has come up with a pattern for me. Also I need it in a mans 2X size.

Thank you Ann

CraftyRachel writes...

Oh my - yesterday I noticed one of our wooden spoons was cracked and thought "what can I do with this?" I couldn't think of anything, and didn't want little fingers to get pinched, so I tossed it. This came just in time: I'm going to dig it out of the trash!

Julie writes...

This is a very cute craft, but the drilling and spray paint are not child safe.

Vickie Howell writes...

Julie--Thanks for mentioning that. Although with supervision I *would* encourage my 8 & 10 year olds to make this project, I absolutely wouldn't recommend it for young children do make on their own. My intention for Craft Apparent is to offer projects for parents to make for and *with* their children in hopes of nurturing the parent/child creative bond.

Hope that makes sense. :)

sarah writes...

How eco friendly is spray paint and plastic jewelry string? I like the idea and look of the finished product, but not seeing how it is eco friendly.

Vickie Howell writes...

Perhaps I should've said eco-conscious, because the focus is on recycling old things instead of trashing them.

For a friendlier version you could use non-toxic craft paint, and hemp thread. They'd likely not weather as well, but would work well enough for this craft.

Hope that helps! :)

Carla writes...

LOL! Why can't I stop laughing?! This is toooo coooool!!! My 2.5 year old is going love this project... can't wait to get started! Thanks for sharing!!!

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