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Duct Tape for Dad!

Posted by Vickie Howell on May 17, 2010 at 1:05 PM in General CraftsGreat Gifts!
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Duck Tape Gifts for Dad

Is there anything that duct tape can't make or fix?  I don't think so.  Which is why this year for Father's Day I say, swing by the hardware store and let some tape do the gift-y trick! 

This week on Craft Apparent I show 3, no-sew projects that kids can make for dad (with a little help from mom) that are as cool as they are crafty.   Here's the scoop on turning a few strips of sticky into a duct tape wallet, card holder or techie gadget sleeve!

Rolls of Duct Tape in Two Colors
Ruler or Measuring Tape

Techie Gadget Sleeve

Techie Gadget Sleeve Tutorial

  • Measure dad's phone, pda or mp3 player, taking care to include the depth of the device in the overall width measurement.  Add about a 1/4" to the length so that the sleeve will be a bit taller than the gadget it's covering.
  • Create duct "fabric" by cutting tape strips to appropriate width; lay pieces sticky-side-up; overlap & stick.  Repeat until piece is appropriate length.  Then, layer pieces sticky-side-down on top of existing piece until it's completely covered. This completes the back piece of your gadget sleeve. (See below)  Repeat once more, for sleeve front.

  • For striped detailing, cut narrow strips of a contrasting color of duct tape.  Stick diagonally onto sleeve front.  Trim off excess.  If desired, repeat on back piece.
  • Use thin strips of tape folded over 3 sides to seal front and back pieces together to create sleeve.


  • Create duct "fabric" using method above.  For the wallet you'll need front & back pieces each measuring 8" x 3", and an additional 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" pocket piece.
  • Seal front and back pieces together with tape strips.
  • Tape card pocket onto the righthand side of the front of the wallet.  Fold wallet in half so that the pocket is now on the inside.  
  • Cut several small pieces of contrasting tape; stick onto outside of wallet in "DAD" formation.

Card Holder

  • Create duct "fabric".  For the card holder you'll need front & back pieces each measuring 3 3/4" x 2 1/4".
  • Seal front and back pieces together with tape strips.
  • To create stripes cut 2, narrow pieces of tape and wrap them each around card sleeve.

Happy Father's Day crafting!


Got crafty questions?  Ask me here!


Brandon writes...

Thank goodness my wife will never see the how to make dad a duct tape wallet page. I love my kid but I will not be carrying around a duct tape wallet. There is a guilt trip somewhere in there, I'm sure. I can see it now, lil Akari sees me pay for something and then she looks up with those big eyes and asks "Where is the wallet I made you?" And then because I can't lie to my kid I have to explain the I don't want to carry a wallet made of duct tape around but I'm happy she made it for me. Or, I just have to suck it up and use the duct tape wallet until it falls apart, which will be never because it's made of duct tape.

tammy writes...

I think they are cute. and with all the colors of duct tape the possiblities are endless. Thankfully my hubby would love it cause his boys made it!

Vincent Ammirato writes...

Easy there, Brandon, it could be worse. I'd take a manly duct-taped wallet over the myriad of fairy, princess, and pony stickers my daughter has affixed to my wallet, cell phone, laptop, etc...

Awww, who am I kidding? I love it. It gives me a chance to be a glowingly proud dad when someone notices them.

And at least she isn't sticking them to walls or car windows or anything more permanent than a few (electronic or otherwise) accessories.

unknown writes...

i think it would break soon but i guess creative

Mary Ann writes...

well my husband takes his duct tape wallet everywhere and loves it, because she made it for him.

Anthony writes...

ok, you have way too many coool stuff and ideas here. I have to make this for my dad and maybe my grandpa for fathers day. it is really nice. love it. thank you
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