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October 2010 Archives


T.P. Jeebies

Posted by Vickie Howell on October 13, 2010 at 8:49 AM in General CraftsHalloween Projects
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TP Jeepies

This year recycle your leftover toilet paper rolls into tubes of terror, by turning them in to Halloween-themed door knob decorations!  Here's how.


Toilet Paper Rolls
Decorative Paper
Thin Wire or String
Hole Punch (optional)



  • Cut paper to fit around toilet paper roll, allowing for an 1/2"-1" overlap. For the ghost and jack-o-lantern versions, use a piece of white or orange paper. For the mummy version, cut several strips of linen print scrapbooking (or plain, off-white) paper.

  • Apply glue to paper; wrap around toilet paper roll. For the mummy, apply one strip at a time, overlapping them as you go.


  • Cut eyes and mouth out of scraps of black paper. Glue face onto roll. For the ghost, cut a zig-zag strip of paper; glue to bottom of roll.

  • Punch (or poke with a pin) holes about 1/4" down from both sides of the top of the roll. Thread an 11" piece of wire or string through the holes; twist or tie to secure.

  • Hang 'em for haunting!


Feeling creepy; feeling crafty? Don't forget about our other, Halloween crafts!

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On a personal note, my one-year project with PBS Parents as the crafts columnist, has come to an end. It's been an honor to work with Tracey Wynne, and such a respected, public programming company. I've truly enjoyed my time spent here at Craft Apparent, hanging out with all of you parents who by crafting with and for your kids, have chosen to nurture creativity in the future leaders of our country. I dig that.

I hope you'll continue to check in with me for project information, over at

Have a safe (and crafty) Halloween!

Craft Apparently Yours,


Trick Or Tree-t!

Posted by Vickie Howell on October 5, 2010 at 1:33 AM in General CraftsHalloween Projects
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Halloween is like the crafter's Christmas, so how is it that this year's spooky month has crept up on me like a phantom? Here we are in October though, so it's time to whip together some quickie decorations that will thrill the kids without killing us busy parents!

We're big fans of the spooky trees in our house. They're fun to decorate, make great candy displays, and add just the right combo of cute and creepy, to pretty much any setting. Here's how you can can make your own!

Dead, Tree Branch(es)
Spray Paint OR Craft Paint & Sponge Brush
Half Ball of Dry, Florist's Foam
Unbleached Cotton, Muslin or Gauze
Jewelry Wire & Trimmers (optional)
Halloween Themed Ribbons & Trims
Yarn Scraps
Candy Corn
Small Beads
Needle & Thread
Novelty Webbing



  • Find a dead branch or (if they're smaller) branches.
  • Spray or hand paint branch (if the kids are helping, I recommend the latter).


  • Rip fabric into strips (so edges are frayed); then cut into workable, short pieces.
  • Using your finger or a popsicle stick, spread a layer of glue over a fabric strip. Lay strip on top of foam base; spread flat. Repeat process until foam is completely covered. Let dry.
  • To make a tree-dwelling spider, glue small and large black buttons, side-by-side to base. Add 8, pieces of yarn or string to create legs. Place base on a plate.


  • Use scissors to puncture a hole in the top of base; push branch(es) firmly into foam.
  • Make a candy corn garland by using a needle and thread to string candy and beads. It helps to tie a knot around each bead, to keep them in place. Drape garland on spooky tree; spread excess candy corn around base.
  • Layer a smaller button on top of a contrasting colored, larger button. String a small piece of jewelry wire through button holes; twist wire around branch to secure it to tree. Repeat for as many button ornaments as desired.
    Note: If you don't have wire; use thread or sting to tie buttons to branches.


  • Cut Halloween themed ribbon into varying sized pieces; randomly tie them into bows and knots throughout tree.

  • Finish your spooky tree off by adding novelty webbing to any remaining, barren places on the tree.


Other Ornament Ideas
  • Plastic spiders
  • Recycled doll heads
  • Crocheted ghosts
  • Pom-pom bats
  • Construction paper or styrofoam tombstones

Hope your October is spooktacular!

Craft Apparently Yours,
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