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Vickie Howell: June 2010 Archives


It's About Rhyme!

Posted by Vickie Howell on June 20, 2010 at 10:27 PM in General CraftsLearningPhotos
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It's rhyme time here on Craft Apparent and this week we're teaming up with Sesame Street again with two crafts for you!  Start here with a new spin on an old game, Memory.  In the traditional version, the player turns cards over to reveal different pictures, hoping to find a match.  In this version, the goal is to find the rhymes.  

Once this craft is picture perfect, cap-off your rhyme-themed creativity by heading over to Sesame's Kid-tivity page for instructions on making rhyme picture magnets out of recycled container lids.  Let's get started!


Camera (Optional)
4 x 6 Photos of Rhyming Objects 
Card Stock
Decorative Paper (Optional)
Photo Mounting Squares or Double Stick Tape


  • Use a camera to snap shots of objects around the household that rhyme.  Get your kiddos involved in searching out the objects to encourage awareness of rhymes in their environment.  Older siblings can get involved too, by being put in charge of shooting the photographs!
Psst!  Need a speedier route to getting this project done?  I hear ya, mama (or dad)!  Feel free to use my pictures instead of taking your own.  Just right-click and save to your computer.

Rhyme: Sock & Clock
  Sock Clock

  • Print out photos.  I recommend having at least 4 different rhymes to create a game.  The more advanced your child becomes, the more cards you can add in the future.

Rhyme: Owl & Towel
Owl Towel

  • Cut 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" card stock pieces for each photo.

  • Embellish card fronts by taping colorful paper strips to them. 

Rhyme: Doll & Ball
Doll Ball

  • Use photo mounting squares or tape to stick photos on back of each card.

  • Set up the game for your child by laying the cards all face down on a table and let the memory rhyming begin!  

Rhyme: Cat & Bat
Cat Bat


C is for Crafting: Cookie Monster Puppets!

Posted by Vickie Howell on June 6, 2010 at 10:01 PM in General CraftsParent/Child Collaboration
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cookie monster puppets 
This week we've teamed up with the folks at Sesame Street to bring you double the crafty goodness!  Your kiddos can make either no-sew or learn-to-sew versions of a basic, Cookie Monster puppet here at Craft Apparent then, let their fingers do the walking over to the Kid-tivity page of the Sesame Street website to draw their own Cookie Monster tote bag!  That's 1, 2, TWO cookie-tastic creations!

2 Pieces of Blue Craft Felt
Scraps of Black & Tan Craft Felt
Googly Eyes
Marking Pen

Learn-to-Sew Version Only:
Plastic Needle & Yarn 
Small Point Hole Punch 


No-Sew Cookie

  • Trace patterns on to appropriate colored felt.  Cut out 2 body pieces, 1 mouth and 1 cookie.
  • Glue around the outer edge of 1 body piece; lay 2nd body piece on top. 
  • Glue on mouth, googly eyes and cookie.
  • Cut out small pieces of black felt for chocolate chips; glue on to cookie.  Cut out small pieces of brown for crumbs, glue on to mouth.


Learn-to-Sew Cookie
Felt puppets are a great project to teach children the very basics of hand-sewing.  Here's how to use this same puppet pattern as a Stitching 101 tutorial for your kiddo!

  • Cut out pattern and pieces as for No-Sew version.

  • Holding BOTH body pieces together and using hole punch, make holes every 1/4" or so (and about 1/8" in from the edge) all the way around.
  • String a long piece of yarn onto a plastic yarn needle; knot the end.  Show your child how to come up through the 1st hole of the two body pieces and down through the 2nd hole to make their first stitch.  Then, have them repeat that stitch all the way around the puppet.  Once puppet is completely sewn together, knot yarn and cut off.

  • Glue cookie, eyes, mouth, chocolate chips and crumbs as for No-Sew Version.

Place puppet on your hand and exclaim, "C is for crafting and that's good enough for me!"  


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