There may be nothing new about recycling crayons (after all, my mom was doing it in the 50’s), but there’s something about molding something old into a new version of itself that’s so uniquely…now.

This project is a usable, versatile craft for all ages. The finished product makes great teacher gifts, favors for birthday parties, or back-to-school treats for the kids. Have fun experimenting with different color combos and tray shapes–I personally, have my eye on on a robot ice tray for our next batch–and use this opportunity to chat with your children about everything from the basic chemistry of wax properties changing, to where colors fall on a color wheel. Have fun!


  • unwanted wax crayons (wrappers removed)
  • silicon ice cube trays


  1. Break your crayons into small pieces.
  2. CrayonsPlace the crayon pieces into a silicon ice tray. Kids love being a part of this process because they can mix & match colors to create their own, little works of art! (My son Tristan, filled the two bottom hearts with colors to look like "camo" and "sand camo". Boys.)
  3. Bake in the oven at 250 degrees (F) for 20 minutes, or until crayons are completely melted. Carefully remove them from the oven, taking care not to spill the hot wax.
  4. Place the trays into the freezer for about 30 minutes to harden.
  5. When they're hard enough, pop your crayon creations out of the trays and enjoy!

Vickie Howell is a mother, designer, writer and crafty spokesperson. Vickie is a regular contributor to Crochet Today! Magazine and, and the spokesperson for the Lands' End FeelGood Campaign. She's also the author of best-selling craft book, AwareKnits: Knit & Crochet Projects for the Eco-Conscious Stitcher. Learn more about Vickie and her projects at

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