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Birthday party invitations are one thing we never have a shortage of at our house, especially with a kindergartner and first grader! Today’s craft project is an easy way your children can make birthday cards by using a little wrapping paper and some glue to form a birthday party hat and a yarn pom pom for the finishing touch. Your child can even make these cards in bulk to get prepared for the next birthday parties!


  • wrapping paper
  • scissors
  • school glue
  • card stock paper or blank cards
  • yarn
  • hole puncher


  1. hat card allCut small triangle shapes, nearly the same size as the front of your card, from colorful birthday party wrapping paper.

  2. Glue a triangle to the front of your card, making sure to leave enough space for the pom-pom you will be making and adding to the top.

  3. Make a pom pom using yarn and your hands. Twine yarn around two of your fingers about 20 times.

  4. Snip the yarn with scissors, then slowly slip the loop of wrapped yarn off of your fingers and tie a long piece of yarn in the middle of your loop.

  5. Snip the loops with scissors on both sides, then trim into a tight pom pom. You can use many colors of yarn wrapped around your fingers or a single color.

  6. Using your hole puncher, punch two holes side by side in the top of your card near the tip of the triangle.

  7. Tie the pom pom onto the card by slipping the long yarn pieces (the ones you used to tie the center together) through the holes you punched and tying in the back.

When you're finished, be sure to write a special message inside!

Caroline Gravino Urdaneta, a PBS Parents resident crafter, is a designer of creative family projects, tinkering painter and mother of four children. She writes about project ideas for the whole family and how to encourage creativity in kids on the popular blog, Salsa Pie.

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