Here’s a Hanukkah craft that’s also a Hanukkah game! Spinning tops are a traditional Hanukkah toy, so what better activity to engage the kids this year than with a simple technique for making their own brigade of spinning tops? This is one of my best ideas ever, because these tops spin so amazingly well and only use a few materials to make that last forever!


  • plastic bottle caps: from regular soda bottles, wide-mouthed juice bottles, or nontoxic household liquids like vinegar
  • toothpicks or wooden skewers
  • a thick needle or other sharp item, such as a hat pin or the metal skewers used to hold poultry together for roasting (employed by an adult only)
  • colorful electrical tape (optional)
  • quick-drying glue (optional)


  1. Make a hole exactly in the middle of the bottle cap. Some caps have a small bump therel if not, eyeball it. A hole not in the center will result in an imbalanced top.
  2. Enlarge hole if necessary by moving the needle around while still in the hole.
  3. Make the sunshine. While one end of the rainbow is drying, bend one of the three remaining yellow pipe cleaners into a swirly circle, twisting the end to secure it. The two other pipe cleaners will be the sun's rays, so bend them into skinny spikes. Pinch and bend them onto the circle.
  4. Insert a toothpick or skewer through the hole. To avoid potentially dangerous situations, trim the other half (the pointy side) of the toothpick or shorten the skewer.
  5. Secure toothpick with a few dabs of glue (though usually not necessary), and decorate with small pieces of electric tape.

  6. If you're not familiar with how the dreidel game is played, directions are pretty easy to come by on the Internet or you can go here: Rules of the Dreidel Game Have fun!

Sara Rivka Dahan is a wife and mother of five with a background in design. She hopes to share her love for creativity with others by helping them enhance their everyday experiences through crafting with her blog, Creative Jewish Mom Sara Rivka especially loves crafting with recycled materials and encouraging busy moms to take some creative time for themselves!

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