Here is a fun Hanukkah menorah for kid’s (or adult’s!) from Creative Jewish Mom that’s just plain cute and can be customized in so many ways. You could make this Hanukkah menorah from toilet paper rolls or other cardboard tubes that the kids decorate first, or you could cut them and then give them to the kids to decorate. Or you could just enjoy the menorah as is!


  • 11 toilet paper rolls (one to make a template, nine for the menorah and one to extend the height of the shamash)
  • glue
  • glittered craft foam, or glitter and yellow paper


  1. candleDraw a candle on the tube as shown on the right of the photo below. Cut out the candle such that you have a piece that looks like that on the left in the photo.
  2. Use your cut out piece to trace identical candle shapes on each of the nine remaining tubes, and then cut out the space around the candle with scissors.
  3. Trace the flame onto glittered craft foam or yellow paper. Cut out individual flames and glue one to each candle.
  4. menorahAdd a piece of tube to the shamash middle candle so that it will be higher than the rest. Assemble menorah by gluing at the bases with regular glue (hold with paper clips until it dries) or hot glue.

To help get younger kids involved, give them individual candles to decorate with glitter, sequins, scraps of a paper, yarn, etc., and glue on the flame at the end.

Happy Hanukkah!

Sara Rivka Dahan is a wife and mother of five with a background in design. She hopes to share her love for creativity with others by helping them enhance their everyday experiences through crafting with her blog, Creative Jewish Mom Sara Rivka especially loves crafting with recycled materials and encouraging busy moms to take some creative time for themselves!

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