Go on an animal adventure this Halloween! Create your own customizable Wild Kratts-inspired costume.




      • gloves 1Take the piece of colored felt or construction paper and cut out 10 small circles, about a quarter of an inch in diameter. These will be placed on the fingers of the gloves. You can trace circles using a pen cap to make them perfectly round.
      • From the same piece of felt or paper, trace and cut out two larger circles. You can use a small glass or mug to trace these circles. They will go on the palms of the gloves.
      • gloves 2Either glue or sew (adults only) the felt to the gloves. Regular glue will work for a one-time Halloween costume, but you may want to use a hot glue gun or needle and thread if the costume will be worn more than once.
      • The new creature power gloves are ready!


      • Print out a 1.5-inch by 2.5-inch picture of Aviva (PDF).
      • communicatorCut a 4-inch by 6-inch piece of cardboard.
      • Color cardboard black with a marker.
      • Use glue stick to attache picture of Aviva as the “screen” for the communicator.
      • Cut out small circles from green or blue construction paper and glue on to make buttons in the shape of a paw (to match gloves).
      • Glue or sew communicator to piece of elastic.
      • Attach to wrist!

    Power Discs:

      • discsCut five 4-inch circles out of cardboard. Either print out these five pre-made power discs (PDF) in color, OR draw your own using construction paper and markers.
      • Glue designs to cardboard.
      • Let dry.


    Put on your t-shirt and costume pieces, and test out your creature powers!
    *Khaki shorts are not shown.

    To personalize your Wild Kratt's T-Shirt (for FREE!), head over to the PBS KIDS Shop: http://wildkratts.shop.pbskids.org/

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    Wild Kratts Bat Costume

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