This easy to make, three-ingredient scratch and sniff paint is a great sensory activity for kids! Simply mix school glue, a little water and flavored gelatin powder to create the paint! Test your sense of smell once the paint dries!


  • school glue
  • water
  • flavored gelatin powder
  • paintbrush
  • index cards


    1. Begin by mixing together a tablespoon of school glue with a teaspoon of water and about 3/4 a teaspoon of flavored gelatin powder. Choose different flavors to create and array of different scents.
    2. Mix the ingredients together well with a spoon.


    3. Now it's time to paint!


    4. Set aside and allow to completely dry.
    5. Scratch and sniff.

      What do you smell? Is the scent strong or faint? What does each flavor of paint smell like?

Caroline Gravino is a PBS Parents resident crafter and has more creative project ideas on her website, Salsa Pie Productions. She also shares videos on the PBS Parents YouTube channel.

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