Make your own portable checkers set using recycled materials from your kitchen. This classic game is perfect for a picnic or rainy day fun!


  • square cloth napkin
  • fabric paint
  • square block
  • 24 bottle caps
  • cardboard teabox
  • acrylic paint
  • paintbrushes


    DIY checkers


      1. Use the block to alternately stamp squares onto your napkin in 8 rows of 8 for the checkerboard.



      1. Paint the bottle caps in two different colors; 12 of each color.



      1. Paint and decorate your tea box.



      1. Fold your napkin and place all the pieces inside your box for easy storage, and enjoy playing checkers with a friend!


Amy Johnson is a crafter, writer, and mother of four, who believes in the power of handmade, secondhand, and eco-friendly living. Her favorite craft store is the thrift store and she shares creative reuse ideas on her blog Maker Mama. Follow her on Facebook for daily inspiration!

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