Cut peels into geometric shapes and string them into a decorative garland when they’re dry!


  • oranges
  • a knife to cut the oranges in half (adults only)
  • scissors
  • baker's twine
  • a baking/cookie sheet
  • hand juicer
  • spoon



      1. Have an adult cut a bunch of oranges in half so the kids can take care of the next step.


      1. Juice the oranges with a hand juicer. Tip: save the juice so you can drink it later! 


      1. Scrape the orange peels clean with a spoon.


      1. Flatten the orange peels out a bit then cut them into small geometric shapes. We made hearts, triangles, diamonds, rectangles, squares and stars.


      1. Place the orange peels that cut into shapes on a cookie sheet.


      1. Bake the peels in the oven at 200F for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours or until dry. You may need to press the peels flat (adults only) with an oven kit periodically, if needed.


      1. Once dry, lay the peels on a flat surface and poke two holes into each shape with a thumbtack (adults only).


    1. String baker's twine through the holes of each shape and form a beautiful garland!

Caroline Gravino, a PBS Parents resident crafter, is a designer of creative family projects, tinkering painter and mother of four children. She writes about project ideas for the whole family and how to encourage creativity in kids on the popular blog, Salsa Pie and shares videos on the PBS Parents YouTube Channel. Subscribe HERE.

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