button final 3

Does anyone else have fond memories of making their own campaign buttons? I loved those things then, and apparently, still do. Confetti wasn’t the first thing I thought of when I picked up the buttons, but it definitely is one of my new favorites to stuff inside these little plastic cases.


  • Design-A-Button 2 1/2-inch piece
  • scrapbook paper
  • star-shaped 1/4-inch hole punch
  • scissors


  1. button longCut a 2 1/2-inch circle out of the scrapbook paper.

  2. Punch out a bunch of stars from various colored paper.

  3. Open the button and sprinkle the stars inside.

  4. Place the scrapbook paper, design down, on top of the stars.

  5. Pop the back of the button on.

Happy Fourth!

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